Who are grinders? They are people,  interested in augmenting the human body, exploring the boundaries of what your body can do with science!

Biohackers are springing up all throughout the world creating new achievements in their capabilities. Lots of stories are out there. Here are 10 biohackers that have super powers…

Naomi Kizhner – Human Energy

Industrial designer Naomi Kizhner has developed a concept for a jewellery collection that converts kinetic energy from the body into electricity.


In response to the world’s energy crisis, she explored the post-humanistic approach that sees the human body as resource.


The pieces can harvest energy from blood flow and from the electric pulses sent by the neurological system through the wearers spine.


Other physiological functions can also be used to produce energy, which would infinite as long as we live…

Meaning that reaching a form of immortality would also provide infinite renewable energy for our needs if the concept is developed…

Energy Addicts from naomi kizhner on Vimeo.

Kevin Warwick – A Sensory Cyborg

Kevin Warwick is connecting technology with the human body since the 90’s warwick has implanted various chips and alectrodes in his body that allowed him to receive new sensory experiences.


A Silicon chip transponder in his forearm allows him to operate doors. lights, heaters and comuters without lifting a finger.

He is now working on a new implanet that would connect his nervous system to the internet. Thought and emotion could be transmitted from one person to another.


Ben Greenfield – Neurostimulation


Ben Greenfield is a fitness coach who uses biohacking methods to take his and his clients health to the next level. To boost performances he uses Neuro stimulation which delivers low current to specific areas of the brain and can also be effective against depression.


He coached top tier triathlon athletes to enhance their bodies through a unique nutrition plan and cold thermo genesis so they can achieve incredible performances in a short time.

Davey Asprey – Bulletproof


Davey Asprey spent over 300k dollars over the past 15 years hacking his own biology to loose 100 pounds and improve his own IQ score. He is most famous for his Bulletproof coffee.


A Toxin free coffee mixed with butter and MCT oil that can boost your performance.

He also runs an annual Biohacking conference at a entrance fee of $1599 dollars to present his newest experiments including methods to lower the biological age.

Tim Cannon – Circadia Transhumanism


Tim Cannon is the first known human to implant a chip transmitting biometrical data to a android device. The large chip was implanted without anesthesia and is charged wirelessly.


Text from your phone can be displayed via led through your skin.


Text messages are sent if the body reaches 100 Degrees fahrenheit 38 celsius and medical data stored in the device allowing tim to track his health through his phone.

Neil Harbisson – Audible Colors.


Neil Harbisson is the first person in the world with an antenna implanted in his skull and the first cyborg to be recognized by a government.


As he is color blind, his antenna uses audible vibrations to translate colors and images into sounds directly into his brain. His wifi enabled device also allows him to connect to the internet and to receive signals from satellites.


Their are currently only 5 people in the world, one in each continent, allowed to send him images, sounds or videos

Sixth Sense – Magnet Implant Sev. and Jeff 2 Transhumanist

A group of biohackers have implanted small magnets in their fingers nerves so that they could feel things completely invisible to most.


These brain processes the new information as a sixth sense and allows them to feel electric and magnetic fields.


They are able to feel the live wires versus the dead wires and they can also feel the security gates they pass through in stores or at the airport.

Dr. Aubrey De Grey – Age Killing

Dr. Aubrey De Grey believes the first person who will live to be 1,000 is already alive today, as we are on the cusp of a biological revolution his model of gerontology is built on the principle that every metabolic reaction can be described within just seven categories…these “seven deadly things” constitute all pathological effects of aging and scientists are now able to control and repair each of these different types of damage.

The therapy can take people aged 60 and rejuvenate them thoroughly enough so they won’t be biologically 60 again until they are chronologically 90.

Upload Your Consciousness- Martine Rothblatt – Mind Clones


In 2013, physicist Stephen Hawking explained the brain is like a program in the mind, which is like a computer…


So it’s theoretically possible to copy the brain onto a computer and so provide a form of life after death. Many biohackers claim that with quantum computers it’s possible to have a map of all neurons and their connections…and then artificially activate groups of neurons to basically have the copy of a person’s brain thus maybe transfer it to another body.

Gabriel Licina – Ce6 Night Vision Eye Drops –


A group of BioHackers have developed eye drops with a substance in deep sea called Ce6 . This substance is used in cancer treatment and to threat night blindness in people with degenerative eye diseases.

Gabriel Licina injected it his eyes to achieve night vision and he an now see object 160 ft (50m) away in a dark field.