This cool watch makes you feel the music!

Lofelt has made a subwoofer for your wrist blasting drum and bass through your body and into your bloodstream. Imagine feeling a concert experience. While strolling down the street as if your steps away from the amplifier… Sending pulses and vibrations through your body. The Basslet enhances how you spend your time listening to music by boosting the bass and putting you in the zone.

The aesthetics of the future, will captivate all the creativity and imagination of the technology and fashion industries. Bringing them into a unison. That makes your apparel a key to compatibility with the world  and your own health. As time goes forward so will our the capabilities of our attire.

This beautifully engineered watch. Is edgy and beautifully designed. Shutting the world out while still silent to the world. Whats even more exciting is that its yet to be released to the market. It is already stirring up the vibes and making noise.

This is a watch that delivers a surround sound feeling like no other.


The Basslet is up and coming with its kickstarter campaign. Already beyond its goal.

It’s on it’s way from the laboratory to your wrist. Adding depth to how you listen to music and even capable of virtual reality implications that we could be hearing about soon. As the technology grows in popularity and gets tested abroad.


Tech is getting more and more developed. New ideas and design concepts being implemented daily. Making life that much more accessible. Which is why smart wearable technology is quickly becoming an essential part of our  everyday life.

This is another great step towards a future only dreamed about.