For 100 years, BMW has been innovating some of the best engineering genius the world has ever seen.

The vision for the future is looking bright and cozy for anyone interested in Tomorrow’s Rides. BMW has key conceptual designs that will change the way we think of transportation forever. Some of these ideas are what’s fueling anticipation in lots of people interested in seeing more and experiencing it for themselves.

The Mini Vision Next 100 is almost completely translucent  giving us a taste of what level future cars can take us. The sleek silver body is capable of projecting shapes, patterns of colors of all kinds giving you the chance to chance your cars aesthetic according to however your mood is at that moment.


Unlike anything we’ve ever seen in an auto-mobile. The car projects an assistant that coordinates your ride and gives you visual computed distinctions that keep you in command and in complete control. As well as alert the driver to other on-coming events and happenings that could peak their attention and just might call for a detour. This cars has its own built in artificial intelligence that makes the task of getting from place to place much easier and definitely more stylishly and cutting-edge if thats what your into at least undoubtedly this is the direction transportation is moving.


In the past 100 years the forms of transportation by auto-mobile  had just begun to come to fruition and in this century technology and innovation by creatives and geniuses around the world have brought us to a knew front. One that changes the playing field and allows us to take our imagination to its peaks. The concepts of the future are getting closer and closer to our everyday lives. As more ideas and designs are made the anticipation for it all grows. BMW’s ideas and concept are underway.