Freezing inanimate objects with your hands at the push of a button, Mr. Freeze would think that was cool.

Colin Furze is a mad scientist with quite the reputation. He’s home-built lots of scandalous and mischievous invention’s each with their own clever attributes. This time he’s built something anyone needing a quick smoothy would love…Well if you don’t mind the nitrogen.

These liquid nitrogen hand blasters are pretty cold and Colin gives us the proof.  Equipped with a tank full of nitrogen strapped to his back and a DIY connected apparatus spitting the cooling mist from the palm of his hands.
Freezing water swiftly turning it to slush then to ice.

Colin Furze Liquid Nitrogen Blasters

Then Furze turns a face sculpture into a popsicle which is a nice reality check and done with much enthusiasm. With much success he is influencing many others to join him on his mission to recreate super powers with wearable technology.

Colin Furze Liquid Nitrogen Blasters

With the will and know how anything is possible and luck is simply when preparation meets opportunity. The future is filled with capabilities… It’s just a matter of time till more ambition filled engineers and scientist take to hacking the technology around them and then synthesizing into creative wonders.