Adam Donen’s “Symphony To A Lost Generation” is making technological break throughs with holograms.

This could be a must see. Never have we heard of the incorporation of holograms in theatre. It’s happening in this show and its making noise. We all remember seeing holograms being the way Jedi’s made phone calls in Star Wars. Well this time the holograms are taking the stage and running it…

Mikael Jaeger Jensen takes his talents from Oscar winning movie sets to the live theatre helping to incorporate the new lighting technology. Helping to develop and direct everything had to be a task the size of a mountain but if theirs a will theirs a way.

Adam Donen's Symphony to a lost generation holograms

The characters in the show have all been transitioned into 3d replicas or mirror projected images of a cast that seems to be ghost just standing and moving around a set stage. In an ominous  darkly lit setting these holograms are interacting and displaying their presence all throughout the session. Endearing the audience and captivating them in each character. All the while inspiring other artist and creatives around the world.

Just hearing the news of this shows inspires the possibilities of so many more visual spectacles.

Adam Donen's Symphony to a lost generation holograms

Those possibilities are endless with the right mind to use this available technology and perhaps not just for art but for design and functionality as well. The idea is continuously taking shape in the minds of those meant to create with it.

It has been a motif in fashion and art for quite some time. Though some tech was seen at Alexander McQueen’s crowning Metropolitan Museum show. “Savage Beauty” in a pyramid contraption that showed a small light dynamically transitioning into a beautiful women in a dress. Dancing in the pyramid being born from the light and reforming it again. A truly stunning moment for any viewer.