The doors have swung open as google reveals its source library for some it’s top artificial intelligence.

TensorFlow¬†is a company behind Google’s A.I. Tech. With machine learning intelligence the possibilities for the future are all in the computations.

TensorFlow is the customizable architecture lets you deploy computation to one or more CPUs or GPUs in a desktop, server, or mobile device with a single API. Showing numerical computations with Nodes, Graphs and Charts visually allowing every user ease of access to important data. Conducting machine learning and deep neural networks research.

TensorFlow Artificial Intelligence Library

The Open Source Library is updated frequently with new tools that have qualities that enhance your module. Linking developers to the necessary implementations that will adhere to their projects.

”Nodes are assigned to computational devices and execute asynchronously and in parallel once all the tensors on their incoming edges becomes available.” – TensorFlow

Maximize performance connect and produce. Create modules that respond and react to real people and excel through higher thought and understanding. Change the work flow and become completely intuitive.

The Google Brain Team has opened the doors to the open source for it's top artificial intelligence. TensorFlow is the company behind Google's A.I. Tech. The possibilities for the future are all in the computations.

The Google Brain Team are not the only ones letting these new rule-based systems loose to the public. Other forms exist and are usable right now.

“The time for it has come…”