Well if you need a hand making a tattoo happen for someone…

…Just try biohacking your arm into a tattoo gun like JC Sheitan Tenet did…

BioHacking is a constantly growing community due to its functional health innovations and overall coolness. People all over the world are embedding their bodies with technology that make everyday task easier and other things simply more accessible.

Those with disabilities that include loss of limbs are finding new hope from technology that makes them either more human or more machine. Some take it to extremes others subtly but all with the intention of regaining that reach back into what could be a normal life and others well…others are like the guy we’re gonna talk about.

JC took his disability and turned into an ability he is equipped with a fully functional tattoo gun that allows him to create beautiful Art work on his clientele.
Jc Sheitan Tattoo Gun Biohacker

Keeping complete control over the precise motions that are needed to make a great and lasting tattoo. JC has mastered his craft and has mastered his tech. Which gives us hope that other technologies similar will have the same general success in control by the user…

Mainly because the sensors in other experiments and projects have fallen short or just completely failed. But here is a winning example of what current technology can implement into the world of bio hacking and health technology.

Jc Sheitan Tattoo Gun Biohacker

These advancements will lead to a future wear life doesn’t have to be so complicated because of a disability alternative solutions to loss of limbs and other health related issues are being confronted by this growing community of bio hackers and technology scientist.

If your looking to get a hand you might consider getting a tattoo gun instead… The tech world is advancing towards lots of new examples everyday.