A yacht and movable island the whale of luxury and design in…

Migaloo-Submarines are gargantuan statements of engineering and power. Both in status and actual mechanics. The yacht M-Series models contain designs that cater to any buyers good taste… and adhere’s to any watery environment. Weather your delving beneath the ocean or basking in the breeze while drifting out to sea. Migaloo delivers comfort and peace of mind while traversing the waters of the earth.

At a length of 750ft the M-7 accommodates in every way.

“Private floating islands of any size are the perfect match to a private submarine.” – Migaloo

The next generation of the super yacht is submersible. The M-7 has a test depth at over 1500ft while it is submerged underwater it hits speed at up to 20kt and 40kt while surfaced.

Made to explore the depths of life.

The next generation of the super yacht is submersible.

Which is a literally an architecturally and mechanically engineered and island that floats elegantly through the sea.. and pairs with its yacht counter-part perfectly. Simultaneously creating a base station for complete and total ease habitability. Built according once again to the purchasers need in design.

Allowing for a private escape from society and bask in the creation of great innovation, elitist style, culture and design. Some of the islands highlighted points are the beach gym, underwater dining saloon, shark-feeding station, outdoor cinema, barbecue and outdoor stage, heli deck & massive storage as well as suspended penthouse.

Styling of exterior, interior design and layout development up to 283 Meters. Their 5 models in this M-series.

 To pair with that is the Kokomo Ailand…

The next generation of the super yacht is submersible.

“Bespoke luxury and design, incomparable features and entertainment, state-of-the-art megayacht amenities and the flair of an exotic island” – Migaloo

The possibility of access is all within your preference. Explore the seas with prevalence and style their is much to see and places yet to have been voyaged.

The world is yours.