The smartest shirt around showing you all your vital signs and fitness progression.

Know thyself every bit of thyself… Heart rate, breathing rate, cadence and so on. The HexoSkin Smart Shirt is keeping track of you for you. Giving you all your data in real time. VO2max is the maximum rate of oxygen consumption during a maximal aerobic exercise.  The shirt is embedded with sensors that measure your existence to the fullest extent while wearing it.

“Your HexoSkin smart shirt is the most advanced biometric shirt on the market. It measures more body metrics than any other wearable technology product, and with greater precision.” – HexoSkin

See your test results and monitor your every step.

HexoSkin Smart Shirt Technology

“Using the Hexoskin mobile app, you can calculate your VO2max and see where you stand” – HexoSkin

This smart shirt’s got your back and knows how your doing. So take a deep breath it will record your minute ventilation for you just in case…

HexoSkin Smart Shirt Technology

…You may need to know the volume of your breathing.