With the Biohacking community on its rapid rise to fame so are the people innovating and embracing it.

Viktoria Modesta is breaking grounds with her voice and style all the while inspiring the world with her vision and prowess. She is a unique super-abled biohack stroke of genius this girl changes her leg like she changes her hairstyle.

Her leg may seem to be missing but that doesn’t stop her strut at all. She is a voice for all those who feel that they are to different to live in a world where we all have just about the same make-up. But Viktoria is a testament that its ok to be fabulous with our without two legs. Which is a big deal cause so many feel as though the challenges of everyday life can be too over-cumbersome which could lead to depression and even worse… So it is imperative that someone step up and stand out.

VIKTORIA MODESTA is standing out on her peg and leg saying its OK to be BioHacked because it can open a world of confidence if embraced to its fullest. With her Pop-style Music and Super-star Wardrobe this girl makes hits. Embracing her unique situation she has become an icon and has built a brand around her name and image. Along with her management doing a great job to make sure she gets her exposure this girl is on her way to being renowned for her talents and stride.

Though technology has not yet become affordable to everyone and the majority of required technology has yet to have even be created just yet. Their is no reason to quit and no reason to doubt yourself at all. The possibilities to change these pending problems are coming with every second that goes by. New technology is arriving all the time and embracing it is key to making more available.