Virtual Reality is sweeping the tech world in 2016 and so are the possibilities of a future with access to a 3-Dimensional world.

A virtual world that we’d visit to see and spend time with distant friends, hold meetings or create artistic scenarios as well as store fronts and online boutiques.

That 3-Dimensional world could easier to navigate than the real thing and you wouldn’t have to step out of where ever you are to do it.

Companies all over the world are stepping forward with their VR technology in hopes to get ahead of the competition in what knowingly is the next platform for media and content that will eventually take the place of many forms of entertainment and communication. The vision is there to make more out of what is available. Their is no hoax when it comes to the expansive and fast growing use of the internet to give and receive information as well as obtain companionship,  marketing ideas and business.

Virtual Reality And The Internet

In all shapes and forms. As it grows is usage more and more is being done to take it further than the flat screen on into your room. The advantages in education and in trade are enormous when thought about in the realm of an actual virtual online platform that gives more to see and interact with.

Virtual Reality And The Internet

The top tech companies are all striving to put out their new technology to reach this impending goal. Oculus Rift and many other platofrms like PlayStation have already become available. and other sites are giving away open source code to developers who wish to take on the task of creating this whole new world and laying base to the platform that is already beyond total comprehension.

Virtual Reality And The Internet

A new world to step into through virtual reality and the web. The technology and the vision is coming together to make it all possible.