Striding 25mph to the finish line! Outrunning the rest…

The X14 Bionic Boot made by Keahi Seymour these tech constructs are running around the world on tracks all around the world. The origins of the concept were to build a wearable technology that increases your speed and agility with ease and prowess. 

After over 200 separate designs and proto type’s the official available “Bionic Boots” model is made from aluminum and carbon fiber with elastic tendons.

The Bionic Boot that makes you faster

Giving you a height boost making most around 7 feet tall. Making the wearer run on their toes like a cheetah or grey-hound allowing you to reach increasing speeds up to 25 miles per hour.

The Bionic Boot that makes you faster

Exo-skeletons are taking the stage and here is an example of technology that will change the way we see racing. Enhancing different aspects of the everyday life is a profound dedication that certain great minds have made. Creating different innovations that makes our present look that much more like the future.