Yohji Yamamoto Y-3 and Richard Branson Virgin Galactic pair up to make innovations in space gear.

Outfits for astronauts the new theme being tackled as a part of billion dollar Virgin Space Travel Program. 

Slim, Sleek and Functional apparel for anti-gravitational experience. If you can afford it then here is a dream vacation that can take you to the moon…for real! All the while styled appropriately in Y-3 apparel to make your quest that much more real than it already is.


“Such a journey would thus require the expertise, technology, science and precision in equipment, manufacturing and implementation before a project of this magnitude could be endeavored. Virgin Galactic’s engineers and technicians took hold of the vehicle hardware, while the apparel and garment technology for the passengers and pilots is to be developed by a seemingly surprising third party supplier: adidas’ associated Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto.”


This is a huge advancement in all kinds of news world wide including travel, science and fashion. With the capability of space travel human kind is going to be reaching new heights all throughout the universe. Even the possibility of colonizing space. The blue prints are there and with this collaboration intact between Y-3 and Virgin Galatic the future of luxury travel is headed to the moon.

Every garment is custom made for each pilot that would be responsible for its mission to space, and are thus measured to the exact measurements of each for the best fit possible.


The calf-high boot have a mixed pattern of leather, rubber and synthetic fibers that look straight of a neo-urban sci-fi thriller that kicks cyborg-ass in space. Equipped with a neon white label of the pilots name. The synthetic one piece flight suit also showed different detail attributes such as pocket placement, zipper access, flaps, velcro cinch points and more, some of which were more optimal than others.